C.M. GOODMAN ARCHITECTS    PROVIDES a  FULL range of ARCHITECTURAL DESIGN AND PLANNING SERVICES  for : residential , Commercial & Healthcare  projects & upgrades

We offer a broad range of architectural services from design art studio inspired processes to the most demanding technical expertise in detailing critical care facilities. 

We have an decidedly traditional design studio approach due to our firms location and exposure to classical Architecture. World Class ; Spanish Revival, Craftsman, Shingle & Victorian styles common to Santa Barbara’s Time honored historical traditions and review approval process require perhaps California's most stringent informed public participation driven design concentric processes on the West Coast.

We work well with every type of customer; those who desire to get it done with the least effort & cost possible and as soon as possible to those who want a more intimate refined design experience with a more distant timeline horizon in mind.

We provide abundant options for all client types, along with variation at owner requests to Shepard the project from programming and concept design through its thoughtful documentation to post occupancy analysis.

We value and strive to arrive at census based supportable architectural solutions in three distinctively different ways.Compelling design to our firm means first and foremost to satisfy and protect the most basic practical concerns both technical and jurisdictional and are secondarily master mindful and focused toward socially responsible design in promoting better quality of life through sustainable solutions that benefit a myriad of interests in our shared built enviorment and Finally

We infuse the artists unbridled designers vision, fostering delightful endeavors which enriched with creative aesthetic our design solutions of intelligent appeal. We seek its fruition knowing its always a cared for asset which develops a patina and value overtime in both the consciousness of the public, and private and in the real world bottom line driven economy investors in the development our urban fabric.


Traditional Design-Our Old-World studio focuses design-centric craftsmanship in the most traditional sense.

Contemporary Design-Our New-World studio provides concepts and design solutions within a contemporary vernacular, these unique offerings are most appropriate in locations where the context of new and old are embraced. Our Modern ideas work well within  the urban fabric as well as set in more secluded environments.

Our Healthcare Studio covers; OSHPD 1 or OSHPD 3, VA Healthcare Medical Buildings, Licensed Clinics including: Hospital Department Upgrades,OSHPD 1  ED-Emergency Departments, Psychiatric department remodels OSHPD 1 Acute Care Facilities, and Medical Equipment Replacement/Upgrade (Linear-Beam  Accelerators,  Magnetic Image Resonators (MRI), Pet-Scanners(PET), CT-Scanners(CT), X-Ray machines, Med Equipment Sterilizers,hospital mechanical system requirements, hospital electrical system requirements Operating Room Remodels, and much more.)

 We encourage you to visit  the OSHPD  eportal  website to see our history of fast OSHPD 1  project approvals,


Under the general information list field evoke Architect  and then next to that field provide license number c33706 to my performance, OSHPD  eportal website lists  the AOR ( ARCHITECT OF RECORD) among other professionals and  pertinent information.

We have a working knowledge base of healthcare projects PROCESSING and experience in the southern California region  in particular with points of contact within OSHPD'S  Los Angeles field office to PROCESS expediting approval reviews, We  engaging;  stakeholders and decision maker's, state officials , structural ,fire Marshall, state architect and support staff, to Shepard projects to completion get everyone's concerns coordinated in accordance with OSHPD'S in house policies and procedures.


We consider the VA PROJECTS as some of the most deserving and most needed projects on the horizon.   We keep current with today's leading equipment requirements for the VA healthcare envelope design, but disappointingly most  VA campuses nationally have been lost within the very dynamic overhaul of the healthcare system in which the current , outdated facilities can not handle the many basic medical diagnostic services .

CM GOODMAN ARCHITECTS INC. stands well positioned to support the VA PROJECTS and has a passion and direct experience in multiple states within the last five years contributing toward a better VA experience.


We use cutting edge documentation, utilizing the latest technology of parametric design software like sketch-up, Revit & Vector works. We benefit  from 26 years of progressive use of Autodesk, Autocad utilizing  2-D computer documentation as our standard for construction documentation. With combinations of 3-D modeling and animations  filtered through several other software programs provide a modern and innovative editing process. for deliverables. We blend old  styles of  rendering with new to create to rich visual presentations. For classics we approach the architecture in a traditional style, rendering by hand on premium watercolor paper and create by hand physical models of museum board and other rendered designs . We utilize animations and 3-D modeling for both traditional and contemporary concepts . Recurrently, accompanying our en-devours to reinforce ideas and offer alternative approaches to our clients needs.

We integrate principles of sustainable design into the first conversations with a client, committee or discretionary review board to provide solutions to reduce the existing carbon footprint for each projects,provide greater access to the passive  solar gain, while balancing natural ventilation and choosing low e or highly reflective glazing optimizes our spaces.

While we promote solutions for passive heating and cooling strategies we also advise  clients of long life-cycle material selection among other ecological decisions, which if evoked during the design process will result in healthier environments for the occupants as well as more harmonious aesthetics for the  occupants and neighborhood and is built to be sustainable.

We meet challenging deadlines,  

We can compete with the big firms.

We routinely  provide  responsive client based services with performance  to under promise and over deliver which matches the big firm speed flexibility and nimbleness without the cost.

Our extensive experience and leading expertise in the field. Learned in over 15 firms of business, C.M. Goodman Architects Inc. are well positioned to represent you in your next project whether it be;

Planning and  Research, Programming, Single Family Residential, Multi-Family Residential, Acoustic, Commercial, Industrial, Restaurant, Museum, Mixed Use, Healthcare, Hospitality, Government, Adaptive Reuse, Change of Use, Abatement Mitigation, Retail, Office Buildings,

Renderings, Animations, Proforma Analysis, Contractor Estimation, Construction Administration, Interior Design.

Permit Processing, Landscape Concepts & Design Documentation, Architectural Electrical Engineering, Architectural Mechanical engineering, Architectural Plumbing Design, Storm Water management design, for retention and detention , grey water use