craig  michael  goodman

regionally licensed and nationally registered ARCHITECT, member of leadership in energy& environmental design accredited professional, Construction management &  construction estimation certificates


A southern California native, Craig Michael Goodman  resides and practices architecture, and design in the beautiful city of Santa Barbara, a world renown traditional town known for its historical preservation of Spanish revival Architecture and reverence for Native preceding cultures whose natural mountain ranges and south facing contours embraced this natural paradise enclave they originally settled and rejoiced. Today its where the agrarian vernacular meets the beach resort destination experience with a penchant for recreational outdoor enjoyment, & promotes a healthy living lifestyle which exemplifies the California beach experience . One cannot visit without taking notice of its beauty , its understated wealth ,its classy elegant and sophisticated discernment, expressed in human scaled architecture massing in concert with historical embellished themes represent the positive result of community. An upstanding tradition of participation of residents and professions battling against the density developers whom only seek optimization of saleable space. By actively participating in Santa Barbara’s unique development heritage we aim to bridge the gap of expectations , begining often from opposing positions to that of one that by its inclusive nature is accepted by everyone as their own.

Mr Goodman is a Registered Architect in California #33706 6/19/2012,  has also been licensed in  the jurisdictions of : Arizona #50775 on 2/05/10, Colorado #402224 on 5/07/10, and Florida#95399 on 7/15/10,

He holds a NCARB Certificate #69,301 on 5/03/09 and is also a sustainable Green Architect whom has accreditation from the green building council of America and is designated as a LEED AP#1036669 on 4/02/2009

Craig Graduated from Cal-Poly San Luis Obispo in 2000 with a B Arch degree from the College of Architecture and Environmental Design a  nationally top ranked architecture school currently ranked #2 in the nation for over 40 yrs.

Mr. Goodman also has post graduate  self-directed education and experience in healthcare design, engineering and has completed a certificate program in construction management.  Benefiting from differing yet compatible perspectives that bridge the gap from architect to contractor.  Mr. Goodman 's Construction management certificate in construction estimation, and construction management from turnkey construction Institute in 2011 along with working for a contractor providing Design-Build experience  for two additional years has  buttressed Craig's comprehensive education with in the field real world experience managing as A.O.R. Architect of Record 

Recruited by a major international A&E design firm known for its modern vocabulary  before graduation from college, Craig has had exposure to a vast array of design style vernaculars and detailing typologies. He has worked the gamut of offices types and sizes experienced at(2) Nationally top ranked architectural firms; among other , regional offices, to the single practitioner in a local boutique setting have provided a exposure and understanding of all modes of business within the Architects office.

As a result We RE PROUD TO OFFER : Both A&E Services

Craig's First project as a registered Architect  in California was a 10 Million Dollar Oncology Building in Laguna Hills California on the Saddleback hospital campus. With AMB Craig led the firm's clientele of  Oshpd 1 , and Oshpd 3 hospital projects, clinics and commercial work. Working with large volumes of projects, an uncommon dynamic in most architectural offices, Mr. Goodman managed and personally contributed to over thirty projects on an ongoing basis concurrently managing the clients expectations with regard to deadlines and budgets, meeting routinely with state officials  be it fire Marshals, state structural engineers or administrative Heads of staff  at OSHPD . Craig  also led full technical direction issues relating to all aspects of the Design-Build corporation .

Mr. Goodman is forging a path toward creating a unique Santa Barbara architecture firm that seeks common ground between competing interests of gentrification and the status-quo. Exceeding expectations of contextualization while simultaneously  introducing new detailing is our mission locally in the neighborhoods which require this quite restraint. Spanish Revival-"Our Architecture approach draws homage to both the austere restrained classical Spanish revival style of the Andalusian regions of southern Spain fused with the local heritage of the local Monterey mission style periods  that locally coalesce this unique branding of  the "Santa Barbara" style. this enduring style with combinations of  these timeless traditional detailing have  a old world charm ,while adding the most beneficial components of the modern building technologies and environmental approaches in its creation.

On its own merits, Craftsman, Shingle and Victorian Variants abound in town from the mid 1800’s. We aim to continue the local vernacular with our own theme which expresses  an underlying elegance restoration infused designs of the past which stylistically and functionality enhance the contexts where they exist, mastering the detailing with the current challenges of a required congruence between new and old, with reverence toward traditional.

 Craig Michael Goodman